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My name Is Kevin & I am a web designer and developer. I work and live in Belgium

I design websites, user interfaces, web applications and logos.

Realizing web or graphic products that are optimized to the project and its users.
Usability is one of my biggest strengths. In the end, projects have to be practicable for its users.
Making projects accessible is important. Too many products are sadly not usable for everyone. Let's change that!
Projects never end. Therefore, support once a project is operational is crucial.

About me

My story

Who I am: I am Kevin, a 26 year old webdesigner that lives and works Leuven, belgium while also studying at Thomas more Mechelen. I have been into webdesign for the last 10 years and professionally for 5 years. Except for webdesign I am also passionated by onlne marketing, desktop publishing and creating brand identities. I have worked in different niches like: esports, events, hotel industry and many more.

What I can: As a webdesigner you need a suitcase of skills to accompany you. Mine contains programming/scripting languages as: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP. Furthermore I can work with libraries as: Cakephp(php), jQuery(javascript). And am able to create web graphics as well as printing graphics (Photoshop and illustrator).

My skills

My many years of meditating and practice have helped me master the ability to convert coffee in one or more of the following results:

usability & accessibility



For some years Totaltalents has a unique house concept going on in the city of Aarschot.

With a unique House concept belongs a unique website.

Trying to amplify the parties unique style. We used their signature symbol - a triangle - in their design.

Wanting something quick and no nonsense we came up with the unique design which can now be found at the website. Every edition new changes are being made To let the website grow together with the party towards the future.


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